SIADC-P-YMCKOK Color Ribbon Kit

SIADC-P-YMCKOK Color Ribbon Kit

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Full color, two resin black and overlay panel ribbon with cleaning roller, 200 cards/roll

SKU: IDP650637. Lead time: In Stock. Manufacturer:  IDP Americas Catalog: ID Card PrintersConsumables Tags Color Ribbon Kit

SIADC-P-YMCKOK Color Ribbon Kit

The IDP Ribbon Kit SIADC-P-YMCKOK is designed to produce vivid colors and ensure vibrant ID cards and badges.

The YMC (Yellow, Magenta, cyan) panels will create stunning color images while the Black (K) panel will print sharp text or bar-codes. The Overlay (O) panel will protect your cards from wear and tear and extend the lifespan of your cards. The extra K panel is used to personalize the back of your cards with black text or graphics.

This ribbon allows you to print 200 cards per roll.The IDP Ribbon Kit P-YMCKOK ribbon comes with a cleaning roller for easy maintenance.This IDP Ribbon Kit P-YMCKOK ribbon is for use with the IDP Smart 50D card printers. Genuine IDP supplies meet stringent quality standards and are recommended for optimal printing quality and proper printer performance.

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