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Access Control Systems

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Access Control Systems

Next generation contactless technology card readers optimized for seamless integration and rapid deployment. Choose the right solution for your needs.

Thinking about doing upgrade proprietary proximity access control system? Scard Solutions prides itself with its ability to provide quality, secure, leading edge products for all access control and locking applications at a very competitive level. We are supplying multi-technology smart card readers and cards that are the most suitable, secure and versatile solution for use with any access control security applications, Time attendance system, Parking management or e-Payment system. Card Readers communicate between the access Credential and the Reader through radio frequency and also to the Access Control Panel via a protocol such as Wiegand. For a Security risk analysis to be considered complete an examination of both of these methods of communication is required to assess the risk of data compromise and hence the appropriate technology platform and encryption standard.

Card and Reader technology such as 125Khz Prox, Card Serial CSN & UID and some proprietary systems on the market offer no encryption and are easily hacked and cloned. Scard Solutions advise that medium security products such as DE-930 Secured Proximity Reader System which supports 32/34/64/66-bit Wiegand format for Host communication or RS232, and can read ISO14443 A/B, Mifare™, FeliCa, ISO 18092(NFC) cards, may be implemented at a similar budget to non-encrypted technology, now there is really no reason to expose an organisation to this type of hacking and cloning security risk.

Reliable and Standards-based Platform

Time Attendance Control Systems

Reliable and Standards-based Platform

Ideal for new and existing installations, credential card readers provide customers the assurance that their existing investments can be leveraged to enhance their system as business requirements change.

Designed for Security

Duali Dragon Contactless NFC Reader

An NFC (Near Field Communication) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Reader/Writer that provides NFC two way communication, RFID read/write and contactless payment capability for your access control system projects. Scard Solutions reader systems offer economical “off the shelf” convenience with the highest level of encryption and security for both medium and high risk security applications. We can also provide tailored Smart Reader and Card systems with custom “secret” keysets and/or encoders and configuration software for larger organisations or classified installations.

Cost Effective

Secure Wall Mounted Card Reader

All card reader systems are manufactured in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, RF EMV/ TQM, and NFC Forum certified facility and feature a lifetime warranty including local technical support. Scard Solutions card reader systems provide better quality at a lower cost from a Global Partner of SONY, Infineon, DataCard, and Oberthur supplier.

Trusted and Secure

  • All reader modules uses a FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certified cryptographic module for all its crypto processing.
  • Readers support Near Field Communication (NFC) smartphones,enabling a new class of portable identity credentials that can be securely provisioned and safely embedded into both fixed and mobile devices.
  • Allows for support of future technologies.
  • All readers provide users with new options for supporting multi-factor authentication of identity.

If your organization needs a custom solution, we will be pleased to help build a system to meet your needs.