EMV Complaint Cards For Identification and Access Control Systems

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Premium technology cards optimized for easy printing, seamless integration and rapid deployment. Choose the right solution for your needs.

Thinking about doing upgrade proprietary proximity access control system? Scard Solutions prides itself with its ability to provide quality, secure, leading edge products for all access control and locking applications at a very competitive level. We are supplying multi-technology smart card readers and cards that are the most suitable, secure and versatile solution for use with any access control security applications; they have the ability to control multiple encrypted applications on the one card, making other proximity card based systems obsolete in comparison.

IDGuard Token
IDGuard Cards

Designed for security

Cards are a high quality, reliable alternative for access control applications. These technology credentials are optimized for desktop printing and allow organizations to quickly increase the level of security in both physical and logical access control systems.

Reliable and durable

Available with both PVC and durable PET composite construction, PKI cards are built to last. PET composite is stronger than pure PVC so it resists warping, cracking and yellowing over a long life cycle.

GnuPG Cards

Trusted and secure

Our cards are designed to compliment and enhance existing security installations.

  • Choose from a wide selection of card types, each designed to meet the specifications of your original access control system.
  • Easily order blank, initialized or fully programmed credentials with external numbering and custom printing including logos, backgrounds and anti-fraud patterns.
  • Desktop IDP printers encode data and add customized watermarks, lamination or UV printing to credentials at the point of issuance.

If your organization needs a custom solution, we will be pleased to help build a system to meet your needs.