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About Scard Solutions Inc

About Scard Solutions Inc.

Scard Solutions Inc. is a high tech company specializing in information security products and services. We are especially focusing on Public Key Infrastructure technologies. Most of our products are developed in house.

Scard offers a complete portfolio of card products ranging from simple plastic cards to high security smart cards and tokens. Our most recent product line features security solutions for identity applications. We also provide complete services and systems for issuing and managing cards and secure tokens, including card printers and materials. The products and services can be bought by use of the Scard's Security web site and delivered across worldwide.

Our Mission

Scard's mission is to provide enabling IT security products, centered on the usage of smart card's technologies. The products are scalable, intuitive and innovative, allowing organizations of all sizes and individual consumers to implement advanced smart card security with minimum effort. The products are available globally through our secure web site and our network of selected partners.


Our Business Model

Scard Solutions Inc. has developed a unique business model that allows us to source the most advanced smart card technology directly through licensed silicon partners.

Working with leading silicon vendors, Scard Solutions Inc. could provides highly secure, flexible, and cost effective solutions for ICAO based ePassports verification systems, FIPS-201/PIV based documents, IAS-ECC and National ID schemes, Digital Signature, PKI, eGov, Transportation, Education, advanced payment solutions including loyalty, embedded security for NFC and contactless transactions. With office in Canada and through partnerships with industry leading firms in the world’s fastest growing markets, Scard Solutions Inc. is able to provide timely and professional hand’s on support, facilitating the transition to chip technology and allowing our growing list of partners to stay competitive and at the edge of chip technology.

Our People

In order to be able to provide state-of-the art solutions, Scard Solutions Inc. employs some of the industry most experienced engineers, amongst them, Java Card pioneers, leading experts on cryptography, Common Criteria and FIPS certification, middleware software and smart card reader technology. Our dedicated team produce some of the most innovative, performance leading, and secure products available today.

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